Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009

My first two weeks at college...

I just wanted to share some impressions and thoughts about my new life in the big city of Mittweida... LOL. Well, to underline the irony of that: there's no McDonald's. I guess, some people didn't even know there's still a place without the big yellow 'M'. Seriously, I like it there and it's not a problem for me, that this town is pretty small, cause my hometown isn't so much bigger. During our first week at college we heard a lot of administrative stuff and to make the start for us as easy as possible there was also this tutor-thing, where a group of 3 freshmen got one 'daddy' or 'mommy'. They helped us finding all the rooms and houses we need to go to and gave us lots of helpful advice. I really apprecciate that, cause it made me feel kinda secure. Now, that the second week is over I think I got settled in the new environment. We already had lots of lectures, for example about the media's development in Germany since the Weimar Constitution, about basics in video- and audio-production or about journalistic styles and methods. I really like it. It's interesting and it totally changes the way you watch TV or listen to the radio. Sounds weird, but it's true. I personally am looking forward to our practical courses, where we're going to work on video-/audio-projects on ourselves in small groups. Let's see what the next week is like... (the second pic shows me on the left-hand side with some college mates at the freshmen-party last wednesday)