Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

Starsuckers movie

I was reading the newspaper the other day and found a small article about a project called 'starsuckers'. Since I have a different view on media, now, I found it very interesting. They played tricks on the tabloids by sending them super special news about several celebrities, which actually were not true. For example: they spread the rumor, that Amy Winehouse's hair catched fire because of a short-circuit at a party. To the team's surprise, this rumor was printed in the next day's issue. It shows, that those kind of 'papers' are only interested in scandals and stories about the private life of the celebrities without even questioning it.
The movie will be in cinemas from october 30. Unfortunately only in London. Hopefully we'll get to see something via internet.
Check out what's said about that project on their website.

Also dealing with this topic, Mike Shinoda posted a short documentary on his website in addition to his latest art show 'Glorious Excess'. For me the most remarkable about that one is, that he is part of this celebrity culture himself. Sure, he knows best what it's like to be a celeb, but I don't know any other famous person dealing with this topic in such a critical way. The film can be watched here. To give you a short overview on the story behind the art show, here's what Mike Shinoda wrote on his blog:

"I don't want to tell the story of the show before you see any art, but here's an idea of what to expect: in the first show, our star character exploded onto the scene. He was violent, filthy rich, and world-famous. I hoped to start conversations with the work--not just critique our obsession with fame, money, and stardom. I hope you guys also saw a sense of humor there, in my effort to figure out what I thought about celebrity, spending time on both the inside and out. In this new show, our "star" completely implodes. He begins the show as an overblown superstar, and works his way to a psychadelic, fame-induced nirvana. The end will be up to you to interpret."

A gallery with the paintings of the art show can be found here.

I personally was forced by both projects to think about this kind of topic and I really would like to see this being discussed more.